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On A Brown Background
The phenomenon of the Steve Brown Sound is legendary amongst a small but growing group of people, most of whom have some kind of association with Budapest, Hungary - the birthplace of the band.

Since their rise towards stardom began with the 'Grease' gigs in Budapest in 1999, stories of the SBS and their accomplishments have travelled quickly around the world, and much interest has been generated about the band and its members.

This site is for anyone who has any reason to have heard of the Steve Brown Sound. Maybe you threw your knickers at the band during a staff Christmas party. Maybe you were the first person to notice how out of tune Steve's guitar was. Maybe you heard a recording of 'Obviously Elvis' while lying on the floor of a flat in Istanbul. Maybe you saw the band rise from the ashes of oblivion to perform their first reunion gig at guitarist Neil Anderson's wedding in July 2002 or at their first UK gig and Martin Trickey's wedding.

Whoever you are, you're welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit.

And please tell other people about this site. Be part of the legend.

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