The Steve Brown Sound
Berti's Gone

When Berti Vogts first took control he had to start from scratch
He picked 100 players, none of whom could win a match
He told us that he had a plan but we were not convinced
He said we were improving but we still were utter mince

So no regrets, but Thank God Berti's gone
And don't forget, the next World Cup's still on

Tactical formations that we all could see were wrong
We're down the world rankings in a place we don't belong
So get it right up you, Berti, we're moving on

Now that we've got rid of him it's time to look ahead
But don't give the job to Tommy Burns, get Strachan in instead
So now no more excuses, no more harking back to then
Now's the time to rise and be the nation once again

And don't forget the next World Cup's still on
It's not over yet, the next World Cup's still on
I've already placed my bet, the next World Cup's still on

Copyright Steve Brown 2002

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