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The death of Luke Harvey

In the summer of 1998, the SBS were asked to perform a gig on Margit Sziget in Budapest, and decided to construct their stage in a tree. During the chorus of "Don't look back in anger", Luke Harvey fell from the tree and was killed outright. Much speculation followed this incident, largely due to the apparent lack of concern shown by the surviving band members towards the death of their drummer. Steve Brown's initial reaction to Harvey's death was that it was a "major inconvenience", as they were now faced with the problem of having to find a new drummer. Neil Anderson even intimated that he might have pushed Harvey as he wanted his friend, Frank "Ferenc" Lajko to join the band. Nick Hilditch, close personal friend of the band members and amateur investigative journalist (amongst other things), was intent on getting to the bottom of the events surrounding Harvey's death, and decided to make a documentary about the band.

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