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The Birth of Rawk Energy

Hilditch's first task was to document the events of the band's next gig - a low-key affair in the courtyard of International House Budapest. He was able to record numerous interviews with fans, friends and other associates which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the fan base that the SBS had built up. Most people demonstrated a strong loyalty to the band, despite having only heard them play once or twice, if at all. When asked to define the music of the Steve Brown Sound, a unique new two-word phrase was consistently used - Rawk Energy was born. An exclusive interview with Neil Anderson also confirmed that, as soon as he got back from Wolverhampton, the new drummer with the Steve Brown Sound would indeed be Frank Lajko. As for the mysterious death of Luke Harvey, the verdict is still open. Various theories have been suggested claiming the involvement of band members or band members' girlfriends. Suicide has not been ruled out, nor has the possibility that Harvey faked his death so that no-one would find out that he couldn't play the drums. Indeed, sightings of Harvey were frequently reported around Budapest for more than a year after the terrible events in that tree on Margit Sziget. Whatever the real story is, Luke Harvey's death and the resulting publicity was a turning point in the story of the Steve Brown Sound. With a new drummer and a new name for their sound, they were now equipped to take their music to a new level.

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