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Luke Harvey


Despite his tragic early death, sightings of Luke 'Lucky' Harvey have been rather more frequent than those of his replacement, the elusive Franky 'Fingers' Lajko. So frequent, in fact, that it is possible to construct a biography of his 'life' after The Sound, almost as if we hadn't made up the whole 'did-he-fall-or-was-pushed' story.

The Stickless Stickman

Imagine a world where The Steve Brown Sound was not the most significant skiffle-cum-mod revival act of the late 90s. The music industry is unaware of what they're missing as The Sound passes into history, and 'Doctor' Harvey returns to his native England where, unhindered by his lack of rhythm he soon finds work in London. When his employers go belly-up through no fault of Harvey's inability to play drums, the stickless stickman again finds himself at a loose end. Before long he is lured to Birmingham, where he works to this day as an editor for friends of ED publishing.

You're Never Gonna Keep Him Down

In Hilditch's seminal work of investigative journalism, The Unnamed and yet Somehow Official Steve Brown Sound Movie, the ghost of Harvey presides long after his accident. Not exactly haunting the band, Harvey is a surreal presence in the movie, seen gorging himself on cake and beer at various concerts. In one unsettling sequence towards the end of the film Harvey is seen to spawn a new dance craze to The Sound's crowd-pleasing cover version of The Chumba's 'Tubthumper'. The dance involves Harvey symbolically falling to his knees in blatant disregard for his patellas, and then, like his very own ghost, mysteriously, unfathomably, irrepressibly, getting up again!

Brown Coloured Glasses

With rumours of a Steve Brown Sound reunion together with the failure to locate the man for whom, some might say, Harvey was so coldly dispatched, what then for the phantom Luke? Will he be seen knocking back the palinkas and stuffing himself with wedding cake as the band play on? It seems almost certain.

Luke Harvey is buried near the spot where he fell on Margit Island, Budapest, or he now lives in Birmingham, where he continues the activities of Lick Incorporated. It all depends how you look at it, and whether you're prepared to see the world through Brown coloured glasses.

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