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We want "friends" of the sound
An all new picture section is available in the gallery. We want to hear from any fans or friends or well anyone, who'd like to send in a SBS related pic. Bring em on to

New Single On Line - Ep to follow
"Pop Idol" the new single is available to download for a limited period only. Stick around for how to get hold of the EP.

Album in the bag
18 hours over 2 days saw SBS cut their first album. The contents are undisclosed at the moment but there should be more news later this week. Some pictures have been released, see them here

Being Steve Brown
What do we really know about him? In this unique rambling monologue, exclusive to this website, Steve Brown reveals the thoughts and emotions behind the songs from the album Bark. Read more....

A new way to talk SBS
The old message board and guest books are still around but now there is new way to talk around the sound. Post on our new board and maybe something life changing will happen.

Using the name 'Solitary Brown Sound', Steve Brown released a solo album in June 2002 on the Brownsounds label, entitled 'Bark!' This is a lo-fi production, made on a four-track in Brown's flat in Glasgow. It contains a number of new songs, as well as versions of the two Steve Brown Sound classics, Obviously Elvis and Polythene Bag. One track, Polythene Bark, features a barking solo performed by Brown's dog, Arlo. Copies of Bark! can be obtained from Brownsounds agents in Glasgow, London, Brighton, Birmingham and Budapest. Enquire in the guestbook or write to for more information. The album cover of Bark! will appear soon on this website, courtesy of Nick Hilditch and the Brownsounds record label.

New Steve Brown Sound Album
The success of the gig at the Anderson-Fazekas wedding boosted the egos of the band to the extent that they have decided to make a proper album together, in a studio and everything. This album is likely to include most of the songs from Bark!, plus anything else decent that the band are able to come up with. The band are scheduled to go into a studio in mid-August, and come out again two days later. The result could go either way.

Brownsound Collective
This is a project inspired by the fact that it's dead easy to make music using computers these days. Neil Anderson and Steve Brown have both made tentative inroads into creating computer-generated tunes, and hope to continue with this, possibly collaborating with other musicians (hence the word 'collective' in the title). However, it is unlikely that any of this will become widely available until one of them buys a sampler.

The Latest Gig
Read a review of The Sound's recent reunion gig & see the pictures

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