The Steve Brown Sound
Nick Hilditch

24-Hour Pesti People

Having found his spiritual home in Budapest, Hilditch remained there, nurturing dreams of becoming the Anthony H. Wilson of the Madapest scene so that he too might host his own game show on regional television. Documents have been drawn up explicitly refusing Steve Coogan the right to play him in the movie, outlining his preference for an actor of, say, Vin Diesel's stature.

New Order

If The Sound were Hilditch's Joy Division, then the Tea Thieves were to be his New Order. Shortly after The Sound's demise he was fortunate to catch this band coming together in a local café. In the company of like-minded poptrepeneur, Tim 'Mothy' Guest, he formed promotion company Your Wife Media, persuaded them to change their name from the dismal Tea Party Politics (more than 100 names were dismissed along the way, including the Tasty Pork Pies) and all but had them signing contracts. Despite the increased professionalism of YWM's operations, it was no Factory. The Tea Thieves demanded a lot more from Hilditch, such as getting them gigs and helping them release albums, to which end they even paid him money. But Hilditch's talents remained as a style consultant, just as he has been for The Sound: rubbishing their name and knocking out nifty logos that kids could easily draw on their backpacks.

Bloke at The Gigs

What The Sound lacked in discipline, the Tea Thieves lack in ability to self-mythologize. In a sense, The Steve Brown Sound was legendary from the moment the name was coined, and it is this ability that would have promoters offering millions for a reunion if only they were foolish enough. In this respect, a hanger-on like Hilditch was able to make his contribution to The Sound seem important merely by being closely associated with them. Hilditch remains closely associated with The Thieves, largely as a bloke who goes to the gigs and designs the occasional CD cover. Your Wife Media continues to exist as promotional web space for the band that inspired it.

You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance

Hilditch is still involved in various artistic pursuits, including making movies with Mike 'The Infiltrator' Kentish, yet another talented musician he's latched onto - but this one's worked with Rozala (Everybody's Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to Feel Good)! At the time of writing he's trying to find a distributor for his latest work, Hitchography - The Life & Works of Alfred Hitchcock."

Nick Hilditch now lives in Budapest with his girlfriend Csilla. He is still known to bark from time to time.

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