The Steve Brown Sound
Night Out, In

Good to see you, come on in
Come and join us we're just sat round smoking
Come on, make yourself at home,
Sit down - Oh no, not that one; it's broken
You know Jim & Dave of course
And Elaine I'm sure you've met already
We'll be heading off quite soon,
Holly's in the bedroom getting ready

We've got such a big night planned
There's this really cool new band
Not too loud and not too bland
I'll just skin up one more time and then we'll be fine

Tell me, what's the news with you?
What have you been up to since I saw you?
I've been getting shit at work
Stop me there, Man, I don't want to bore you

We're supposed to meet Jim's mates
We don't want to be too late
OK, let's just watch Blind Date
Have a beer, it's comfy here, we've got plenty time

Jesus, what was in that joint?
One good thing - it's cured last night's hangover
I'd get up but what's the point?
I am sure that I would just fall over

Guess we've missed the concert the
Hey, Jim, what about your friends?
Should I just skin up again?
Why's this always happen when you come round to mine?

Copyright Steve Brown 2002

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