The Steve Brown Sound
Reunion Concert:
Vista Kavehaz July 2002

On Saturday 6th July 2002 Neil Anderson, legendary guitarist/vocalist with the Steve Brown Sound, got married to his long-term girlfriend, Katy. The day was hot and sunny, the bride was stunning, the wedding ceremony was touching, the meal was delicious and the speeches were well delivered. See pics here..

But the highlight of the evening, for Steve Brown Sound fans at least, was the first live performance of the Steve Brown Sound since their tragic split in December 1999.

Rumours of a band reunion had been spreading since they were started by the band's promoter,Nick Hilditch , over a year ago. Still, nobody really believed it was possible for the band to get together and perform a live gig after 2 years and with only 2 hours to practise. But they did, and considering the circumstances, they weren't all that bad.

The band had cleverly timed the concert to start when everybody would be at least a little drunk, which definitely worked to their advantage. They also chose to wear suits, which made them look a little like the Beatles but rather more like schoolboys. They delighted fans with renditions of their old numbers; "My Generation", "Gloria" and "With or Without You" went down particularly well. But they also rather ambitiously sprinkled the set with new songs from Steve Brown's latest release as The Solitary Brown Sound, a low-fi album entitled "Bark!" Clearly the band need to work more on these songs if they want to perform them live again, but nevertheless they were well-received, and any wrong chords didn't stop people from dancing.

Despite the new songs and different venue, this was in many ways similar to SBS gigs of old. My Generation, dedicated to the sadly departed John Entwhistle, set the tone, followed quickly by the loud and dirty Polythene Bag. The harmonies worked nicely on Whipping Piccadilly, which made up for the indecisive harmonica bit in the middle. Lakky Lady, featuring a cracking guitar piece by Anderson, was followed by a drum solo from Nick Dwyer, showcasing his ever-improving drumming talents. After this Marv Trickey picked up the familiar bassline for "Gloria", which was loud and fast enough for Brown to break a string.

The mood slowed down a little for I'm So Tired, which Brown just made the high notes for and no more. Then, in response to a request from the father of the bride, the band tried for an impromptu With or Without You, which sounded as good as it would have done if they had practised it. The set finished with Obviously Elvis, a song that seems to have become a classic in Budapest without ever having been released.

Several hours and a large amount of alcohol later, the band foolishly tried to re-enact previous glory by going back onstage and re-performing Gloria and Obviously Elvis, with no bass, no amplification, only 1 guitar and in at least three separate keys. It was terrible, but few people will remember this part of the evening. Most people will remember an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical, and hopefully the response the band received will be enough to persuade them to make more music together. Even though they live hundreds of miles apart

Copyright Steve Brown 2002

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