The Steve Brown Sound
The Sensitive Male

G, Em, G, Em, G, Em, Am, D,
G, Em, G, Em, G, Em, D, D7

G Em
I've got this girlfriend, she's crazy 'bout me
G Em
She's only happy when she's dancing with me
Am D
She keeps me up all night
C G D D7
Makes me feel allright

I know this waitress, she's so very proud
Of her homemade dress, it's strikingly loud I tell her it's allright
But I'm just being polite

C D G G7
I don't like confrontation - that's so much masturbation
C D G G7
I like to nod and listen - that's why I'm good with women
C D G Em
I like to get to the opposing point of view
Am D D7
So talk to me, I'm listening to you

I've got a new job, I'm working with kids
Cause they're our future, I keep telling them this
I think they think I'm gay
Still I'm doing OK

My boss is Peter, he's not very clean
He could be neater if you know what I mean
But he's a decent man
I think he understands

I think I know all about how you should be well turned out
People can be so fickle but I'm not that superficial
Beauty lies on the inside; that is what I see
Nobody knows what beauty lies in me
Nobody knows if beauty lies in me

Copyright Steve Brown 2002

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