The Steve Brown Sound
Sometimes I Think

Intro: Am, G, E, Am x2

Am G
Sometimes I think at my own expense, sometimes I think for free
E Am
Sometimes I want to kill the world but mostly it kills me
Am G
Sometimes I wander in the crowd, sometimes I walk alone
E Am
Sometimes I seem to lose my way but I always end up home

I think too much, I think out loud so I talk too much as well
But I think I'll keep this to myself - It's probably just as well

Your laugh is like a symphony, your smile a sunny day
The guys all want to sleep with you and some of them are gay
I'm proud to hold your hand in mine and take you to my bed,
We do so many special things that are better left unsaid

When we're together we're so good and I don't have a care,
But what goes on and what goes through your mind when I'm not there?

There's a guy who's uglier than me but smarter I don't doubt,
You talked with him for half an hour and you wouldn't tell me what about
There's a guy who serves you coffee every morning without fail,
Oh, please don't ever tell me that he cooks your eggs as well

You'd say I'm being silly to the point of being a bore,
Well if this is too much then switch off now because there's more

Solo, accompanied by: Am, G, E, Am x2

Your sexiness makes other women envy you like mad
They all think that you're wonderful and I don't think that's bad
It's comforting to know that they'd all like to see you dead
But not so good to think that they all want you in their bed

To say it doesn't turn me on would be a blatant lie
But thinking of it happening just makes my mouth go dry

I won't point any fingers and I won't name any names
It's just that I'm a simple guy - I don't like playing games
We all have got a darker side, I know I have one too
It's only now I realise I've just shown it to you

Copyright Steve Brown 2002

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