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Fear of a Brown Nation

National Brown Velvet


Well rumours are rife of a Brown Sound Tour in 2003. Inside sources claim that the band has been approached to headline at one of the major festivals next year. It is unclear whether it is Reading, Glastonbury or perhaps even another wedding or birthday.


With a new sharp look Mr Harvey on the prowl another wedding cannot be ruled out, although when asked to comment, the man himslef had not decided between Cameron Diaz and Cat Deeley. Although he has said the Britney is completely out of the picture - at this stage.


The most probable venue would appear to be somewhere in the South of England perhaps in a tent or village hall and with the imminent return of estranged guitarist Mr Neil Anderson in January to the UK that could be the ideal time. Anderson has not yet commented on his availablity for any live shows, though it is thought that the rest of the band are keen to get him back on board.

Shepton Mallet

So we should all keep are fingers crossed for at least one more gig for next year but of course a national tour would be just what the fans are after.

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