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Who is this masked Man?


On the strength of this picture you may be forgiven for thinking that our mystery man is a bez-like freaky dancer from the Sound's early days. But this soft-shoe shuffler was strictly backstage and he's just signed a deal for an undisclosed sum, possibly as much as a pint, to reveal his part in shaping the legend that is today's Steve Brown Sound.


Not least among his claims to fame is having organised the final concert to feature the full Lajko line-up, which many at the time feared might be their last. A full account of this forgotten concert and how it was tragically cut-short by Police intervention will be detailed in his forthcoming book, 'Russian Coke: Unmentionable adventures from the early days of the Brown Sound'.


That concert marked a closing chapter in the story of the Bp beat combo, but it wasn't to see the end of the man in red's involvement in the ongoing pop opera we all know and love. He is also the co-founder of Budapest's mini-festival, the Lark in the Park, an event which in its second year attracted crowds from the UK, Turkey and the African sub-continent to Hungary's capitol to see a performance from the Reduced Brown Sound whilst playing Frisbee and eating sunbaked nut-pasties. This year's Lark in the Park was considerably less well attended, possibly because it's founder had since moved to Bahrain with his good lady friend, exotic dancer, Jill Teasdale.


How is it possible that this hooded gurnmeister goes unmentioned in the official history of the Sound? Has he remained behind the scenes by his own design, or was his omission from the mythmaking a tragic oversight? Decide for yourself in The Vic where we will be publishing exclusive extracts from the book that's set to rock the rawk.

By Norton Drillbit, 4th December 2002-12-04

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