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Foolish Behaviour

Big Bill

As the invite says, "It's 40 years since the vocal chords of Big Bill 'The Voice' Mousley were first exercised...." and the Steve Brown Sound are very proud to be supporting him on this momentous occasion. Only a name as Big Bill Mousley could make the Sound do what they have never done before - a support gig.

Little Bill

The relegation to number two on the billing shows that Steve and his troop are not too big for their boots to go back to their roots. "There will certainly be no competition between the Sound and top Blues Combo Foolish Behaviour," said SBS bass man Trickey ,"besides Bill is far too scary to get on the wrong side." he continued.


As you can see from the Invitation the SBS have had to keep the location of the gig a secret and only the band members and their nearest and dearest have the name of the exclusive venue. Rumours that it could be another leg on the European tour, perhaps St Tropez have been scotched and a location nearer to London seems more likely.


The only question remaining now, is what will the set list be and what songs will inevitably have to be dropped in order to cram quality into a 45min slot.

Mr. Davis 21/12/02

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