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Dwyer shines at Doggy Decathlon


He's not just a furry face! The Brown Sound's own Nick Dwyer is also a deft sportsman. Or should we say sportsdog? Whilst he didn't take home any trophies in the recent 2002 Doggy Decathlon, Dwyer was showered with more than his fair share of bones. In fact, the canine stickman fetched some high praise from a number of well-known dogathletes.


"That hound sure can jump," enthused pedigree pole-vaulting collie, Duke. "Dwyer was up there with the best of them in the long and triple jumps. He certainly gave me a run for my money." Unfortunately, his throwing was no match for his leaping, and having come a respectable third in the long jump, he fell into seventh place in Javelin. "He can lob it far enough," said trainer, Grace Belfry, "But he just can't stop himself from leaping up to catch it before it lands. His discus suffers from the same instincts."


Belfry had been working on this weakness with a tough training programme over the summer, but they were depending on Dwyer's knack for bounding to compensate for his hurling shortfalls. Dwyer had this to say about his performance: "Bow wow wow. Woof, bark, howl. Bow wow, woooo. Wah-WOOOOOOO. Ba-WHOOF!! WOOF! WOOF WOOF!"

Nevermind, Nick, there's always next year!

By Vic Sports Correspondent Bark Heelbitch

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