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A new member was added to the Brownsound Collective on Tuesday 21st January at 8.15a.m, as SBS frontman Steve Brown's long-term partner Holly Pheby gave birth to their first son. The new arrival, Jools Francis Brown, was three weeks early but still weighed in at a healthy 6lb 12oz.


"He's so beautiful", Brown managed to say between sobs, "I can't believe it. Everybody should have a child, just to get this feeling."


As Jools was unexpectedly lying breech, an emergency Caesarean section had to be carried out, causing a few stressful moments for all concerned, particularly Holly. When asked how she was feeling after major surgery, a blissful and heavily drugged Pheby replied: "I feel great. A very surreal experience, having someone rummage around in your stomach. But look at him, he's so beautiful!"


The name Jools was not a name the couple had previously thought of. "He didn't suit any of the names we'd discussed beforehand," said Brown, "but Jools suits him nicely. It's also a nod to him being born by Caesarean."


Jools's birth came just two days after Brown's triumphant return from an SBS gig in Littleton, Hampshire, supporting blues legends Foolish Behaviour. Brown appears to be under the impression that this in some way precipitated the birth. "Holly and I were both worried he might come while I was away with the band, but I'm very pleased he waited until I got back."


Whether or not Jools can follow in the footsteps of his rawk icon father remains to be seen, but Brown Sr. seems unconcerned by this: "If he goes into medicine he'll be Doctor Jules. If he goes into law he'll be Judge Jools. He can't go wrong, really." Brown may not, however, have contemplated the possibility that Jools might become an accountant like his Grandad Pheby and Uncle Scott…

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