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The Hungary Year?


As we lurch into 2003 suddenly the fear hits us. The uncertainty is sickening. It's the not knowing that gets you in the end. The question on everyone's lips, "What are the Steve Brown Sound going to do this year?"


Already a month into this new year and no firm plans seem to have been made. A quick outing in Winchester saw them start strongly with fresh blood but the same tunes....and then silence. But worry not, the SBS rumour mill is already pounding the oats of pop history in the making.


Obviously there must me a time for reflection after the joyous arrival of Jools into the collective. He is a newcomer to the world of pop idolatry and Steve and Holly will no doubt have to spend time instructing him in the essentials; how to avoid press intrusion; how to hit the high notes on Lacky Lady and oh yes how to eat, talk and walk.


We have high hopes tho that later in the year the fans will once again be able to mosh in the brown pit. But where? At a recent celeb party hosted by dead ex-drummer Luke Harvey, there was a surprise reunion of three of the SBS, with Anderson, Trickey and Dwyer sinking some beers in unison. Although there was a call for a few tunes, no instruments were forthcoming. Dwyer put this down to an incident earlier in the day involving a drum, a muso and a smashed bottled of cannabis vodka. However there were suggestions of a Hungary reunion gig in the summer.... perhaps at the next 'Party in the Park'? Click here for a larger version of the first P in the P picture.


Your reporter can also reveal that Mr Phil Crossman has been saying that the SBS gig he played in was 'an epiphany' and a real 'laugh'. Will he be back for more this year? What could the occasion be? Surely it must time for another wedding? It has to be down to Harvey, Hilditch, Dwyer or even Brown himself?

Heart Burn

So put the Rennie's away, you'll be having none of that stress-induced heart burn brought on by SBS cold turkey. They are alive and kicking and getting ready to rawk!


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