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Who are these super heoes?
Project Rock Star


The Steve Brouwn Sound were, on some occasions, virtually Rock Stars, but now the Steve Brown Sound are virtual Rock Stars!


With the band spread throughout the globe and the next gig still but a twinkle in the management's eye, something had to be done to ensure that the SBS we still out there shakin' it up in music land. An opportunity for the band arrived in the shape of Project Rock Star and now the SBS now has it's online twin. The site is a space where virtual bands compete to sell records, gig and become rich and famous.


Hopefully in days and weeks to come the antics of our pixilated friends can add a little interest to The Vic, because to be honest, the real SBS are doing nothing of interest. Unfortuantely at time of going to press, the Project Rock Star site was down. So we can't give you any more information....but watch this space.


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