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Well is it a major a development in the history of the SBS. Marv Trickey the SBS bass player has cropped up in a new pop combo line up! Now is this like Dave Grohl drumming for Queens of the Stoneage - o fear of the Foo Fighters splitting up there or is it something more sinister.


Trickey's new band is called Benny Junior and sees him team up with work Colleague Rob cooper (drums) and Phil Crossman (guitar). Crossman was in the line up of Trickey's first band Subdude and sees a reunion of the song writing team. And of course Crossman also stood in for the Anderson at one of the latest SBS gigs.


When asked for a quote Trickey answered that " The SBS will always be part of my life. I'll drop anything at a moments notice if Steve was to say he was getting the band back together. In the meantime I driven to play bass in a mediocre fashion. I find it difficult to sleep otherwise."

Millennium Falcon

To make up your own mind as to whether Trickey is shooting himself in his musical foot you can see Benny Junior at the Archway Tavern in London on Wednesday 27th August 2003.

By Mr Davis August 23rd 2003

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