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Steve and Holly admire the cake they have ordered
Nice day for a Brown wedding

After seven years together, during which they have lived in several countries, owned two homes and produced a child, Brownsound frontman Steve Brown and perennial groupie Holly Pheby have finally decided to get married.

Although the couple have been engaged for a while, the possibility of them actually getting round to doing it seemed to be waning, as their time was being taken up more and more by looking after their son, Jools. As well as the practical side, Brown has long been a sceptic of marriage, having tried it once in the past with very limited success, and it was widely expected that he would never do it again.

"We've made more or less every other commitment to each other that we possibly can", Brown declared at a press conference yesterday, "so it just seems to make sense that we should be totally committed in the eyes of the law as well."

The wedding is to take place on the 5th April, and will be held in the Park Circus registry office, Glasgow. The reception will be in Sutherland's restaurant, which is part of the Argyle Hotel on Sauchiehall Street.

Naturally some live music will be provided by some kind of SBS incarnation, but the details of exactly who is playing have yet to be revealed. Rumours abound. As ever, the Vic will be the first to make public any gossip about the wedding, the band, the dress code etc. so watch this space…

By Our Special Wedding Correspondent

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