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Major Riff?
Anderson No-Show Sparks Rumours of SBS Split

News that SBS guitarist Neil Anderson has turned down an invitation to attend and play at Steve Brown and Holly Pheby's wedding has left the music world awash with rumour and speculation that a permanent split in the band has occurred.

Lead guitarist and occasional frontman Anderson, the only band member to have remained in Budapest (not counting style consultant Nick Hilditch), has cited work commitments and his fear of flying as reasons for not coming. Instead he has suggested sending his wife Katy who, although she is better-looking than Anderson, is by all accounts a rubbish guitarist.

This will be the third consecutive gig the Steve Brown Sound have played without Anderson, so speculation is mounting that the rift could be permanent.

Steve Brown has continually denied these rumours, and maintained yesterday that Anderson remains very much a part of the band. "Once you're a member of the Steve Brown Sound you're always a member of the Steve Brown Sound", he said in an exclusive interview for the Vic. "Think of Luke Harvey and Frank Lajko, our ex-drummers. They're not even alive and they're still members of the band. Just because Neil is in Budapest and is scared of flying, it doesn't mean he's out of the band. Even if he wanted to be out of the band he couldn't be."

Despite this, the fact remains that the band is likely to recruit other members for the wedding gig, probably from Brown's latest musical venture, a shambolic three-piece in which nobody can decide which instrument to play never mind what their name is. As ever, the Vic will keep its ear close to the ground and provide the latest details as they emerge.

By Our Special Wedding Correspondent

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