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BAFTA Celebrations
A BAFTA for Brown Sound Bassist


Steven Brown Sound bass player Martin "Marv" Trickey has been awarded a BAFTA by the Queen at the prestigious 2003 BAFTA Interactive and BAFTA Games Awards. The long-deserved gong comes after years of snubbery for popular works by the Trickster including Catchphrase and this very tabloid.


The Vic caught up with Trickey in his office the day after the ceremony. He sits in a large leather chair consuming a fat medicinal portion of fish, chips and peas. His squinty pink eyes and faint whiff of booze suggest a night spent on the tiles, as does his inability to string a sentence together. Despite its name, the Interactive BAFTA on his desk does not have any knobs, buttons or twisty bits. In fact, it looks every inch a REAL BAFTA. If he knocked this up out of a penguin wrapper whilst killing time at lunch, then it doesn't show. Your humble correspondent is forced to concede that for once we're not making it up.


"They probably think I'm a prick," says the ever-nonchalant Trickey of his big chair, "but I don't care."


He won it for Celebdaq, the Celebrity Stock Exchange described by the Toriegraph as "morally dubious." He deserves it too, there can be no doubt, but this paper can't help but wonder if it isn't overdue recognition for his work on the Pop Idol bass line, or his moan of approval on Obviously Elvis.


Now he has a BAFTA he's allowed to hang out with posh birds like Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen. Nevertheless, this newfound aristocracy and rumours of a split in the Steve Brown Sound (who have not played together in over a year) Trickey maintains that he will be providing sturdy musical sustenance for the band come their April gig in Glasgow.

The Vic will be there with full coverage of the Award Winning band.

By Nick Hilditch, 22nd February 2004

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