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Offside welcomes Brown and Smith
Offside Brown TV

After doing nothing whatsoever in the world of music since playing at his own wedding (and you can't really count that), Steve Brown (of the Steve Brown Sound) and fellow Brownsound Collective member Robin Ashton are set to take the world of Scottish TV and music by storm when they perform live in front of a recorded studio audience in next Monday's BBC Scotland comedy football programme, "Offside".

Ashton and Brown have penned their own World Cup song for the Scottish national football team, and the producers of Offside, who just happen to be running a competition for such a song, have asked permission to broadcast their performance of it to the television sets of literally millions of viewers, most of whom will probably be watching something else at the time.

The programme Offside tends to take a sideways look at the latest news in Scottish football, a bit like Fantasy Football but with more Scottish references. And without the two English twats presenting it.

Brown and Ashton's song is called "Berti's Gone", and is described by Brown as "an encapsulation of the emotional turmoil, regret, shame and yet undying optimism that tends to be prevalent among all supporters of the Scottish national team." The Vic has been unable to obtain a sneak preview of the song, but we can reveal that it includes swearing.

The programme is to be broadcast across the nation (the Scottish nation, that is) on Monday 22nd November at 10.35 p.m. Viewers in the rest of the UK will have to wait for John Tansey's mother to send a copy of the tape down.

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