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The Vic thinks that this man may be the mystery guitarist tostand in for Anderson at the next SBS gig. We have obscured his face for legal reasons.


At a Steve Brown Sound press conference on Monday 23rd September at London's exclusive Ritz hotel the new stand in for Neil Anderson at the forthcoming Wedding 2 gig was reveiled. Unfortunatley all the press present were told that if they revealed the name of the guitarist or printed a photograph then the SBS management would, 'Send the boys round.' All we can say is that he is a man and he plays the guitar. Steve Brown was quoted as saying that he could never replace Neil but that he needed help with some of the 'twiddly bits.' The new axman has been rumoured to have been practicing 16 hours a day in order to get up to scratch with the Anderson's 'licks' before the gig at Saunton Sands hotel in just over one months time. Watch this space for more details of the up and coming event and the revelation as to the identity of Mr X.

Mr Fingers 23/09/2002

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