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New Oasis release copies SBS cover version

In what can only be described as a blatant act of theft, stadium rock giants Oasis have included a version of the much-loved Steve Brown Sound classic "My Generation" in their latest record release. The song, originally performed by stadium rock gods The Who in the 1960's, features as a back-up track to the Manc rockers' double A-side single, which also contains the Oasis originals "Little by little" and "She is Love".

"My Generation" has been ever-present in the Steve Brown Sound's repertoire since the band first started to give public performances in Budapest. In fact, the Steve Brown Sound were playing "My Generation" before Noel Gallagher knew how many key changes it had. Probably.

Needless to say, the members of the SBS are outraged and furious that they were not consulted by Oasis prior to the release, particularly as the track features on their own album "Starting from Now".

"I always knew Oasis were just a bunch of rip-off artists and this just proves it", blasted an angry Steve Brown on hearing the news this morning. "Noel Gallagher is a successful songwriter in his own right. There's no excuse for it. They'll be releasing their version of "Obviously Elvis" next", added the frontman, sarcastically.

However, the band can take comfort from the fact that the Oasis version of the song is nowhere near as good as their own. "The Steve Brown Sound version of My Generation is the definitive version. It pisses on all other versions, past, present and future", an expert said today.

Mr Broon 26/09/2002

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